A feasibility study on establishment of a European music observatory

gepubliceerd: 28-01-2019

Panteia, in cooperation with KEA and independent experts, is currently working on a feasibility study on establishment of a European music observatory, commissioned by DG EAC of the European Commission.

In this context, a large team visited Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019, to establish contacts, collect information, and create awareness in the sector on the possible observatory.

After visiting the European Talent Award ceremony, team members participated in several conference panels and meetings. Paul Vroonhof (Panteia) and Teodora Pletosu (KEA) participated in a Friday panel in the context of the Music Moves Europe initiative of the Commission, on the possible music observatory. Other panellists represented IMPALA and Liveurope. The panel was moderated by one of the key experts cooperating in the study, Emmanuel Legrand.

The panel discussion covered questions such as:

  • Why has market knowledge and analysis of trends become so important nowadays?
  • Is data currently available to measure trends in the sector? 
  • Is it accessible to industry professionals?
  • Is the music sector behind other creative sectors when it comes to accessing data?
  • Is it important to have EU-level data? Why?
  • Are there any existing initiatives in the sector to collect data at EU level?
  • How can policymakers help improve the situation?
  • How can the sector contribute to the existing study?
  • What will be the benefits for the sector?

After a good discussion, the well-filled venue responded with questions and suggestions. This resulted in very useful knowledge and valuable contacts in the music sector. The team thanks Eurosonic Noorderslag for this opportunity and the organisation of a great festival/conference!


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